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Welcome to   FunFund DAO

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 $FUND



Our project began to be copied and we are happy about it! This means that everyone, including scammers, believes in the crazy success of our project. Please don't trust your finances to anyone! don't buy scam tokens with a name similar to the name of our project. Be sure to follow the news of our project in our official communication channels presented on our official website! Be sure to check all information. For this period of time, we are not carrying out any sale of our tokens and NFTs.

Пушистый розовый монстр анимация

funny game

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platform for creators

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Open  our funny world

Welcome to FunFund DAO - a unique project that combines three concepts of meme economy: "Meme Monsters", "Meme Factory" and "Meme Marketplace". Our goal is to create an ecosystem where users can interact with each other by using funny memes and comic characters.


With FunFund DAO, you can create your own unique memes, sell them for FunFund Token ($FUND) and earn income from their distribution within the ecosystem. Each FunFund Token represents a share in the project, which gives you the opportunity to earn income from the success of FunFund DAO.


You can also use FunFund Token to buy and sell other funny memes and digital goods on our marketplace. Here you will find a lot of unique items created by our talented artists and meme makers.


In addition, we have unique funny monsters which are presented in our meme game "Meme Monsters". You can buy, sell and play with these monsters using FunFund Token as a currency.


FunFund DAO offers you a unique opportunity to become part of an ecosystem that is growing and evolving every day. Join us to access exclusive funny memes and earn FunFund Token by playing our unique meme games and participating in the marketplace. We are confident that FunFund DAO will be an unforgettable and enjoyable experience for you!




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Meme Marketplace

platform for earning

Meme Marketplace is a key component of FunFund DAO, providing users with a platform to buy and sell unique memes and digital goods. Our marketplace is designed to connect creators, buyers and sellers of meme content, allowing them to exchange value in a secure and efficient way.


The idea behind Meme Marketplace is to create a space where users can discover and access a diverse range of high-quality memes and digital goods, including images, GIFs, videos and other forms of content. By doing so, we hope to facilitate the growth of a vibrant meme economy and provide users with new opportunities for creativity, self-expression and financial gain.


At its core, Meme Marketplace is a decentralized platform powered by blockchain technology, which ensures transparency, security and trust for all transactions. Users can buy and sell memes using FunFound Token, our native cryptocurrency, which can be easily exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.


Meme Marketplace is not only a place for buying and selling memes, but also a platform for creators to showcase their work and build their own brand. By creating and selling unique and high-quality memes, users can attract a following and earn a reputation as a top meme creator, which can lead to additional earning opportunities through partnerships, sponsorships and other forms of monetization.


We believe that Meme Marketplace has huge potential for growth and development, as the demand for meme content continues to increase and more users seek ways to participate in the meme economy. By fostering a vibrant community of creators and buyers, we hope to build a platform that becomes a leading destination for meme commerce and a driving force behind the growth of the meme economy.

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Пушистый розовый монстр анимация

Meme Monsters

funny game

"Meme Monsters" is a unique aspect of FunFund DAO, providing users with an exciting and fun-filled gaming experience. The concept behind Meme Monsters is to create a game where users can collect and trade funny monster characters, all with their own unique attributes and abilities.


The goal of Meme Monsters is to create an entertaining and immersive experience that encourages users to interact with each other and have fun. Players can use FunFund Token to buy and trade monster characters, which can then be used to battle against other players and compete for rewards.


"Meme Monsters" is designed to be an open and accessible platform, with a low barrier to entry for new users. Players can start by acquiring basic monster characters, and then work their way up to more powerful and rare monsters, which can be traded or used to earn rewards within the game.


One of the key features of Meme Monsters is the use of blockchain technology to ensure transparency and fairness in gameplay. All monsters and transactions are stored on the blockchain, making it impossible for players to cheat or manipulate the game.


The possibilities for development and earning within Meme Monsters are endless. As the game grows in popularity, there will be opportunities for users to earn rewards through tournaments, events and other promotions. Additionally, as the demand for rare and unique monster characters increases, players can potentially earn income by trading or selling their monsters to other users using the marketplace of FunFund DAO.


Overall, Meme Monsters represents an innovative and exciting aspect of FunFund DAO, providing users with a fun and engaging way to interact with the meme economy and earn rewards through gameplay.

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Meme Factory

platform for creators

Meme Factory is a revolutionary feature of FunFund DAO, providing users with the ability to create and design their own meme characters, NFTs, and merchandise. The concept behind Meme Factory is to create a platform that enables users to unleash their creativity and bring their own unique ideas to life within the meme ecosystem.


The goal of Meme Factory is to empower users to create and monetize their own unique content within the FunFund DAO ecosystem. Users can create and design their own meme characters, which can then be sold through the Meme Marketplace, allowing for potential earnings and exposure to a wider audience.


In addition to creating meme characters, Meme Factory can be used to design and create a variety of other products, such as NFTs, digital art, and even merchandise such as t-shirts and stickers. This opens up a world of opportunities for users to express their creativity and potentially earn income from their designs.


Furthermore, Meme Factory also provides a powerful mechanism for promoting and developing the FunFunds DAO ecosystem. By encouraging users to create and share their own unique content, the platform can continue to grow and evolve, attracting new users and expanding its reach within the meme economy.


One of the exciting aspects of Meme Factory is its integration with Meme Monsters. Players of Meme Monsters can use Meme Factory to create their own unique monster characters, which can then be sold through the Meme Marketplace to other users. This adds a new layer of creativity and engagement to the Meme Monsters gaming experience, and provides players with additional opportunities for earning and development.


Overall, Meme Factory represents a powerful tool for users to express their creativity and potentially earn income within the FunFund DAO ecosystem. With its flexibility and versatility, the possibilities for development and monetization are endless, making it a key feature of the FunFund DAO platform.

Funds  are our meme
collection of monsters

Introducing our collection of Meme Monsters, the newest addition to our FunFund DAO project! These adorable creatures are not only cute, but they also have their own unique personalities and special abilities that make them perfect for our upcoming game.

Users will purchase Meme Monsters from our marketplace or even generate them through gameplay. And with the help of our Meme Factory, players can even create their own unique Monsters to sell or use in-game.

Each Meme Monster is an NFT, which means that they are one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated. This adds a sense of rarity and value to each Monster in the collection. And as the popularity of our game grows, we expect the value of these collectible creatures to increase as well.

So join in on the fun and start collecting Meme Monsters today! Whether you choose to keep them as your own personal collection or sell them on our marketplace, these creatures are sure to bring joy and excitement to anyone who interacts with them.

FunFund DAO  

Road Map


Develop the initial concept and idea for the project.

Conduct market research to determine the target audience and competition.

Develop the project's branding and visual identity.

Assemble a team of developers and designers to work on the project.

Determine the technical requirements and choose the appropriate blockchain platform.

Develop the user interface for the project's website

Launch the project's social media channels and begin building a following.

Begin the development of the project's smart contract.


Begin community outreach and engagement to gather feedback and build interest.

Conduct a private token sale for early investors.

Develop a rewards program for active community users.

Development of FunFund Token governance mechanisms, including improved voting and distribution of dividends.



Conduct a private token sale for early investors.

Develop partnerships with other blockchain-based projects and companies.

Establish a community governance structure for the project.

Development of tools for analytics and monitoring of the project, including reports on user and transaction statistics.Improving the security and protection of user data, including the implementation of additional measures to prevent cyber attacks and fraud.

Development of the project ecosystem, including improving the infrastructure and communication with the community through forums and other platforms.


Conduct a security audit of the smart contract.

Develop the project's whitepaper to provide a comprehensive overview of the project.

List the FunFund token on several cryptocurrency exchanges.

Launch the public sale of the FunFund token on DAO.

Gaining access to exclusive collections of memes and games

Developing meme culture

and attracting new


Focus on community engagement through various activities, such as airdrops and community events

The prospect of growth in the

value of tokens


Obtaining a high

return on


Transparent and secure platform architecture ensures user data and funds are protected

Opportunity to vote on

important decisions

in the project

Receiving additional income

from the sale

of NFTs

Long-term vision for the project's growth and sustainability

FunFund DAO  


Hello! My name is Fand and I love you! I'm the one of the character of the FunFund DAO project. Let's be friends and have fun together.


FunFund DAO  


Якорь 1

FunFund DAO  


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FunFund DAO Team

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Creative director

Cute Chibi one eyed orange monster_edite

Alin Lee

Marketing Director

cute fluffy monster with big eyes and sharp teeth (2).jpg

Chief of Strategic Development

A small monster covered in several eyes (3).jpg

Olivia Brown

Creative Director

A small monster covered in several eyes (3).jpg

Daniel Cochen

Technical Lead


Comunity Manager


Live having fun

Our goal is to execute all project stages and launch them on the network. We strive to ensure that all project participants earn money through the FunFund DAO ecosystem.


Whitelist Token Sales Have Begun

Members only!

FunFund DAO Friends

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We are glad that our project is supported by bloggers and the press! It has a unique concept so we believe in it 🤩  If you are a blogger or press, join our private telegram chat for press and bloggers. We will definitely appreciate your participation in the development and promotion of the project. Your work will be appreciated and rewarded at the highest level. 📈🔥 We remind you that the FunFund DAO project was created so that all its participants could earn money due to the unique concept of the project. To join private telegram chat, use this address

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