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To Be Part of FunFund DAO Dream Team

Memes — are part of everyone's success story

FunFund DAO a new story of conquering crypto projects

FunFund DAO has been created as an important social project. Each member of our closed community can become a part of the FunFund DAO dream team. If you are goal-oriented, you have unique skills and want to achieve more, then you definitely can become part of our family and unique project. 

A journey to 1000 miles begins with a first step, start to make your own history today

Facts about us



high success

We are located in 6 countries

FunFund DAO is a decentralized project, with the focus on community, what is a unique characteristic of it. 

The project participants live in different countries and at the same time create a new and successful project. If you have soft skills, are goal-oriented, able to dedicate more than 30 minutes of your time per day to the development of FunFund Dao community and project, then join us and make it even better and more popular with us.

You can become a part of the marketing and promotion team, work with the community, help as a technical specialist, as a creative specialist, help with design and much more! You can simply promote and popularize the project among your friends, telling everyone about its uniqueness.

All team members receive rewards — FUND tokens and have all the privileges as part of the team.

We don't care about your language level. You can become successful and make the project popular by speaking your native language among the people of your country. You can manage requests, reply to emails, come up with creative ideas, write code for the game, or create scenarios for completing game levels.

This is a unique opportunity to prove yourself beyond the standards. We are focus on those who are able to think out of the box and consider themselves being on the first place — those can join our team.

Dream Team FunFund DAO

Become a project ambassador

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