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Unveiling Our Magnificent Event in Abu Dhabi: Moving Forward with New Exciting Plans!

Kim Jennings

2 Oct 2023

Gathering people from different backgrounds and cultures is a challenging yet rewarding task, especially when it comes to hosting events. It was exactly such an event in Abu Dhabi that we experienced recently – bringing together like-minded individuals who are passionate about our cause with the goal of creating positive change. And the results have exceeded even our highest expectations.

We’ve gained a truth learning experience, one that shed light on some fascinating trends and ideas shaping the meme crypto world. Through insightful discussions and presentations, we discovered the immense potential of memes in creating community and sparking engagement within this exciting ecosystem. From innovative approaches to meme creation to new methods for driving meme adoption, there was no shortage of exciting concepts to explore. At the core of it all, we realized that the meme crypto world is constantly evolving, and that staying up to date on the latest trends and insights is crucial for thriving in it.


From our point of view, together we’ve made a powerful impact on the local community, including for crypto investors. The event brought together investors from around the world to share ideas, network, and learn about the latest trends in the field. Through workshops, presentations, and discussions, attendees were able to gain valuable insights into this rapidly evolving industry.


As successful as our Abu Dhabi event was, it's time to turn our attention towards the future. We need to figure out what's next. What's the next step for FunFundDAO, our mission? This is where strategy comes into play. We think about long-term goals and created a plan to achieve them. We have a solid game plan in place. The future is full of endless possibilities, and it's up to us to take advantage of them! We welcome your support! Together, we can help create an even stronger community. Follow our news and join the movement - let’s make more success stories together!

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